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IdentiChek® Features

Investigative Consultants, Inc., the country's leading authority on development of aggregated data from disparate database centers, announces significant improvements to its IdentiChek® product. These include:

  1. Rebuild Masked SSN

  2. Masked Social Security Numbers are always rebuilt by combining data from multiple sources to provide 100% unmasked SSNs.

  3. Personal Web Profile

  4. This is a new section that includes access to personal web profile sites are scraped for each IdentiChek® search. Sites that allow individuals to post personal data can provide insight into the character and preferences of the individual being screened. Many recruitment agencies today are accessing these sites for candidates, and background and screening companies check these too.

  5. New Data Sources
    • More Criminal Searches
    • More SSN searches
    • Politically Exposed Persons
    • Black Lists
    • Wanted Persons
    • Courts throughout the World
    • Negative, Adverse, Derogatory Database Scans

  6. Imposter Hits Data

  7. ICI provides a unique "Imposter" hit search that compiles imposter data from multiple searches to provide a list of unique leads that may tend to indicate whether the person is an imposter or has used other personís identity in the past. (Note imposters are identities that are linked to an SSN that are not the primary SSN identity.)

  8. State Specific Sub-Reports

  9. Some data is unique to a given state and can only be searched state by individual states. To enable use of this data ICI has created optional state specific search add-ons that allow searches to be done at the state level. These add-on searches are linked directly to your primary IdentiChek report.
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