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General Background Information on Global Scan® Searches

Each prospective assignment is a customized project and we prepare individual proposals that are tailored to the needs of counsel. All proposals are complimentary and there is no obligation by the client to proceed at the proposal level. When you feel it is appropriate, we would be honoured to provide you a complimentary proposal regarding a possible search target.

Please note that a "proposal" is not a full scan, only an estimate of the cost to do a full Global Scan® . At ICI, we never charge for any proposals for our clients. Our proposals will provide you a few details regarding your subject. It is done this way to insure that we have targeted the correct person and therefore, can provide you an accurate estimate to do the full Global Scan® .

ICI can only be engaged by attorneys or corporate counsel on complex litigation or corporate background investigations and has clients all over the world. Most of our cases involve a need to determine the banking, financial, and credit relationships, personal background histories, corporate affiliations, executive associations, civil and criminal litigation studies, and many other factors.

All engagements with ICI begin with a request for a proposal which essentially allows us to scan our systems to see what kind of information is available, the cost to do a full Global Scan® , the turnaround time, the likelihood of success in obtaining the information and our terms of service. We do not work on an hourly basis, but use the "Bundled Billing" approach. ICI does not use "general price lists" or bill by the hour for its services.

Bundled Billing means that when you provide us the name of a company or person that you wish to obtain a proposal or estimate of costs; we will draft a customized document that cites the exact cost to conduct the initial search, known as The Global Scan®, the turnaround time, our terms of engagement, and the likelihood of our success in obtaining the information that we have preliminarily located.

If you wish ICI to perform the Global Scan® service, please fill out the Inquiry Form in our Order section. We must verify your licensure status and then forward a quote to you. If you want other information on the Global Scan® service, please review our Types and Cost Info or Introduction.

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